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* Nasserism (OED3 1958)

1956 _Washington Post_ 22 July E7/3 Laqueur asks, "Can the West Live with
Nasserism?," and argues that failure to understand Nasser and what he
stans for prevents the shaping of a realistic policy for the Middle East.
[citing article by Walter Z. Laqueur in _The New Leader_]

1956 _New York Times_ 19 Aug. E7/5 Nasserism achieved its most widespread
support throughout the Arab world this week since its founder had seized
control of the Suez Canal Company from Western hands.

1956 W.Z. LAQUEUR in _Midstream_ (Autumn), The Anatomy of Nasserism.
[cited in _Am. Pol. Sci. Rev._ 51 (Mar. 1957), p. 270]

* Nasserist, a. (OED3 1958)

1956 _Washington Post_ 4 Sep. 23/7 Throughout the Arab world, Nasserist
fifth columns have feverishly been exploiting the psychological gains from
the nationalization of the Suez Canal, in order to undermine governments
and regimes recalcitrant to Nasser's leadership.

* Nasserist, n. (OED3 Dec. 1958)

1958 _New York Times_ 5 Apr. 14/5 Now that Faisal is Saudi Arabia's real
boss, Nasserists frame demands that he break ties with the United States
and terminate our airbases at Dhahran.

* Nasserite, a. (OED3 1958)

1957 _Washington Post_ 26 June A13/2 If Nasserite nationalism triumphs in
the end, it will mean the destruction of all Western interests in Arab

* Nasserite, n. (OED3 1959)

1956 _Wall Street Journal_ 21 June 8/4 Its members would range from the
leftist extremists in the British Labor party to the Nasserites of Egypt
and the "neutralists" of India and Burma.

[1957 _Odessa American_ (Texas) 28/6 Feb. (heading) Anti-Nasserite loses

[1957 _Zanesville Signal_ (Ohio) 26 Apr. 12/3 Meanwhile, and for months,
leftists and pro-Nasserites had been infiltrating the army, the government
and the schools.]

--Ben Zimmer

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