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At 1/6/2005 11:00 PM -0500, Bapopik at AOL.COM wrote:
>Yes, I saw this, too. See the ADS-L archives for "bundt." There is a "bundt
>kuchen" entry in the famous SETTLEMENT COOKBOOK (1903), so the word "bundt"
>had  been familiar for some time before this "bundt pan" guy.

I should have mentioned the several "bundt cake" posts (some by Barry) in
the archives.

The Dahlquist obit left me wondering what "European" or "Jewish" terms
"sound like" 'bunt'.  The German "Bund" (bundle, band, alliance) seems
likely.  However, a "band" pan is a very different device, in my
experience, from the Nordic Ware bundt pan.  When I think band pan (don't
know what cooks actually call it), I think of a  pan for cheese cake whose
side can be expanded for easy removal.  And since "bundt" antedates the pan
by decades, and since the cakes described in the archives would not benefit
from either a band pan or a Nordic Ware pan, perhaps it comes from some
other source.

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