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> I guess we just have dfferent mindsets about receiving the same long
> post 3-4 or more times. It drives me crazy. For one thing, I occasionally
> want to file a bit of information - but not if it is contained in a
> lengthy post containing re-posted text that I do not want to file - at
> least not again!
> Or perhaps many of you have such huge mail quotas that you never think
> about volume. Is that it?
> Surely we can do brief summarizing when we are returning to old topics. In
> fact, I think that makes our perspectives clearer.

I'm with you. I find it very difficult to follow massively top-posted
discussions, and tend to just delete messages without reading them. And I
still read email at home via dialup, and so would prefer not to get a lot
of lengthy messages with no new content to them.

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