Smelly, Stinky Tofu (1989); Original Vincent's Sauce (1904)

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Just got through watching the Jets game. They just barely won in OT.

STINKY TOFU--5,070 Google hits, 223 Google Groups hits
SMELLY TOFU--3,470 Google hits, 57 Google Groups hits
Wednesday's New York Times did a nice piece on my favorite food--tofu. So,
on Saturday, I go to the New York Public Library, try to order the oldest
"tofu"  book (1975), and find it's--all together now--off-site.
The Times article mentioned "stinky" tofu. Jen Chung (the Gothamist "queen
of the blogosphere") said she was served "smelly tofu" over Christmas.
OED ("miserable on food") has neither "stinky" nor "smelly." OED is beaten
by the Wikipedia! Google hits seem to favor "stinky" over "smelly," by a  nose.
The dish is from Shanghai, but is popular throughout Taiwan. NYU closed
early (intersession) and I didn't check the Factiva database.

_Jen Chung: Christmas Lunch in Hong Kong_
... tofu. The tofu is called "smelly tofu," and  honestly, it does smell
like worse than a smelly shoe, closer to a  toilet. You ...  jen/2004/12/christmas_lunch.php - 22k - Jan 8,
2005 - _Cached_
- _Similar pages_
First, for appetizers (it's like antipasti - you choose a little bit of
everything), we had mung beans, deep-fried sardines, ham, and some deep-fried
fermented tofu. The tofu is called "smelly tofu," and honestly, it does smell
awful, like worse than a smelly shoe, closer to a toilet. You can smother it
with hoisin and/or hot chili sauce to neutralize it a bit, but I gave up after
two bites and gave it to my brother. The sardines and beans, though, were

_Tofu - Wikipedia,  the free encyclopedia_
... tofu. One famous  Shanghaiese delicacy is stinky tofu (Chinese:???,
literally:  stinky tofu), which smells like rotten eggs. ... - 21k - _Cached_
("stinky+tofu"&hl=en&ie=UTF-8)  -
_Similar pages_
_NY Times Article on Tofu_ (
... And at  the new location of Spicy and Tasty in Flushing, Queens, you can
order  a
plate of "stinky tofu," a long-fermented Taiwanese specialty  that is to
plain ...
_AR-News_ (  - Jan 5,  7:07 pm by
Chris Holbein - 1 message - 1 author

_Stinky Tofu lovers_
There  are different ways to eat stinky Tofu these days in Taiwan.  Like steam
stinky tofu is also delicious. I heard there  is a restaurant ...
_soc.culture.taiwan_ (
 - Mar 3 1997, 1:36 am by User996487 - 35 messages - 16  authors

_Stinky Tofu (chou doufu) (was: Yucky  Foods)_
Stinky tofu surely doesn't  smell like a sewer. If you think it does,
you're not remembering right  what a sewer smells like. OK, you ... (  -
Jun 16 2002, 4:47 am by Adilah_K - 33 messages - 26  authors

_Stinky tofu (Chinese Cheese)_
hello, i have read an article about stinky tofu (Chinese  cheese). But I have
try it before. By any chance does anybody  have the receipe. ... (  -
Apr 29 1993, 2:48 pm by Geo & Nan - 1 message - 1  author
_China's safty and Taiwan_
... or Lim  Giong. Not too sure about 'Stinky Tofu' either :) James C.  Oh
Stinky Tofu originated from Shanghai area. The  block-heads ...
(  - Feb 7 1994, 3:00 pm by Hank - 12 messages - 9 authors
_Most interesting food you've eaten?_
As far as  disgusting smells are concerned, anyone who has ever been to
will long remember the smell of Chou dou-fu (Stinky  Tofu). ...
_rec.travel_ (  - Jul  2 1993,
9:43 am by Ed Chen - 45 messages - 42 authors

... fan ever since. I think a fairly accurate analogy can be  drawn between
and the Taiwanese delicacy: smelly  tofu. For the gourmand ...
(  - Jul 20 1992, 4:33 am by Peter Wung - 52 messages - 30

_street  vendors_
Does anyone know the secrets to making  "smelly" tofu? No offense, but:
But I  don't like bittermelon either. I am serious about finding the answer.
(  - Sep 25 1989, 4:47 pm by Forrest Chang - 8 messages -  6 authors
No "stinky" or "smelly" hits.
No :stinky" or "smelly"  hits.

Following the Historic turn of the century, ending the Illustrious Gay  90's,
Giuseppe and Carmela Siano established the now World Famous Vincent's Clam
Bar, in 1904, named after their son. The sidewalk clam bar was located at the
corner of Mott and Hester street in little italy, New York City, Where it
still  flourishes today, serving succulent varieties of Italian Seafood. It is the
 original home of _Vincent's  Sauce_
( .

It was also in 1904 that Carmala Siano introduced her secret  old world
recipe for the internationally celebrated _Vincent's Sauce_
( . Many  have tried to imitate her secret
ingredients and processing unsuccessfully!
WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT ON FRIDAY NIGHT?--Artisanal Fromagerie &  Bistro, 2
Park Avenue at 32nd Street. Metro (which claims 500,000 free  circulation and
is in a heated war with am New York) did a Friday article on the  best French
onion soup in New York. I tried the celebrated Artisanal. It's known  for its
cheeses and the soup was very good, but nothing too special. The fish  &
frites was good.
Soup-'n-Burger on Broadway at Astor Place, near NYU. The French onion soup
here was not mentioned in the Metro article. It's half the price ($4) of
Artisanal. Not bad. Still, nothing is as good as La Bonne Soup on West 55th  Street.
Original Vincent's, 119 Mott Street. Vincent's proudly declares 1904-2004.
Although it's been in Little Italy for a century, it's nothing too special. I
ordered a plate of cheese ravioli with "medium hot" Vincent's Sauce. The worst
 part of the dish was the sauce! It was still too hot, and it didn't have
much of  anything in it. Bleh! I've had Italian prostitutes make better tomato
sauce!  However. don't say that when you're in  Vincent's!

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