narrowcast(ing) (1924)

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* narrowcasting, n. (OED3 1932)

1924 _Los Angeles Times_ 6 Jan. II9/7 Just so soon as we destroy that
freedom and universality of radio and confine it to only those who pay for
it -- those who pay for the service, in other words -- just so soon as we
make of broadcasting 'narrowcasting,' we destroy the fundamantal of the
whole situation.

1924 _New York Times_ 19 May 15/1 "We will, in other words, arrive at a
system of 'narrow-casting' instead of broadcasting," the inventor said.

* narrowcasting, a. (OED3 1985)

1928 _New York Times_ 17 Feb. 20/5 Is it better business to lease
narrowcasting sets, which also consume alternating current, than to sell
broadcasting receivers?

* narrowcast, a. (OED3 1937)

1924 _Los Angeles Times_ 6 Jan. II9/7 And, therefore, I believe very
definitely that broadcasting as constituted today is commercially sound,
and that it will remain so in the future, although there may be selective
methods and narrow-cast methods which will do no harm.

* narrowcast, v. (OED3 1972)

1928 _New York Times_ 17 Feb. 20/5 Temptation to narrowcast is doubly
strong because of the half million radio sets now in use which draw their
energy not from batteries but from the lighting circuit and which consume
each about $10 worth of alternating current a year.

* narrowcast, n. (OED3 1977)

1932 _New York Times_ 20 May 3/4 The "narrow cast" was conducted through a
beam of light from the control of the dirigible. ... Among those to talk
over the "narrow cast" was the commander of the ship, F. T. Berry.

1933 _Lincoln Star_ (Nebraska) 15 July 5/5 Narrowcasts have been
successfully performed for twenty miles in the east, but radio station
transmitters have been used.

* narrowcaster (OED3 1980)

1930 _Los Angeles Times_ 22 Oct. II4/1 Radio will have to learn that its
offerings go to fans and folks on both sides. Else broadcasters will be

--Ben Zimmer

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