"Stinking bean curds" (1933)

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Ben writes:
For earlier references try searching on "smelly/stinky bean  curd"...

Christian Science Monitor, June 5, 1980, p. 12  (Nexis)
During a two-week tour of China with a group of 15 American chefs and  food
writers, I sampled Chairman Mao's favorite -- Stinky Bean Curd -- at  the
Fire Palace Restaurant in Changsha.
Washington Post, Sep  9, 1984, p. C5 (Proquest)
He can decide for himself if he wants to order  abalone with bone goose
feet, live shrimp, jellyfish skins, candied sweet and  sour lamb slices,
fish lips with crab roe, jellied chicken blood, stinking  bean curd or
red-stewed elephant trunk, all dishes listed in his book's  glossary.
All right. But this is Peking and the dish is from Shanghai. Maybe the
vendors just sell awful bean curd?
_PEIPING:  MIRROR OF CHINA'S VAST DRAMA; Again the Ancient Capital Becomes
The Focal Point  of the Nation's Struggle With an Invader PEIPING: MIRROR OF A
DRAMA IMPERIAL  SHRINE. There the Struggle of the Chinese Focuses _
By  GEORGE E. SOKOLSKY. New York Times (1857-Current  file). New York, N.Y.:
Jun 4, 1933. p. SM4 (3 pages)
First page, column one:
No jolly noises here; no tom=tom or bellowing horns of Lama priests; no
funeral or wedding processions with screaming orchestra; no street vendor  selling
"stinking bean curds" or sugar candy; no varnished ducks in the windows,  no
water-carriers plying between the wells and the hot-water  shops.

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