Vlogging (video + blogging)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Mon Jan 10 18:37:52 UTC 2005

At 9:52 PM +0000 1/6/05, Michael Quinion wrote:
>Barry Popik wrote:
>>  VLOGGERS--1,760 Google hits, 0 Google Groups hits?
>>  VLOGGING--8,720 Google hits, 4 Google Groups hits
>>  ...
>>  I didn't see vlogger/vlogging on Double Tongued Word Wrester or our
>>  archives.
>It is here:
>   http://www.worldwidewords.org/turnsofphrase/tp-vlo1.htm
>in a piece dating from September.

One of our students included "vlog" in his new words list (we tracked
it back to 2002) and commented that because of the morphotactic
restrictions on English onsets (well, he didn't put it that way, but
that was the idea), it's always pronounced with two syllables, as
Michael speculates it would be in his entry above).   I'd predict
that _vlogger_ might be more likely to occur with a vl- onset than
_vlog_ itself.


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