"He's just not that into you"

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There's nothing like working 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. again in a room with no
air. If I do this for twenty five years and save up every writing dollar I've
ever earned, maybe I could afford a trip to the ADS meeting in Oakland.
The local newspapers are advertising the signings of baseball players as
"Big Unit in the Big Apple" and "Beltran in the Big Apple." So I did a  little
math, and to make the same money as Carlos Beltran (who strikes out over  100
times a year and who hit .258 last year), I'd have to work every day for  10,000
So I called my sister and wished my niece a happy 16th birthday; my sister
had bought her a book, HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. And you swear you're gonna
kill yourself, but you have to wait another month for the Chicago Tribune
ombudsman to get back to you to correct what you never said.
Anyway, the phrase "he's just not that into you" supposedly comes from SEX
AND THE CITY. The Atlanta Rhythm Section song "So Into You" was very popular in
 the 1970s. I found one Google Groups 1999 hit, but otherwise not much.
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He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to  Understanding Guys
by _Greg Behrendt_
(http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/search-handle-url/index=books&field-author=Greg%20Behrendt/002-9917336-6364062) , _Liz Tuccillo_
_Approaches and/or Openers??_
... If  she doesn't nibble, or gives a brief answer, she's probably not  that
into you
and you'll have to do all the work. That's  just one example. ...
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_Atlanta Rhythm Section lyrics - So Into  You_
(http://www.letssingit.com/atlanta-rhythm-section-so-into-you-z8jl3tn.html)      [Ad] A Atlanta Rhythm
Section music So  Into You lyrics. lyrics, discussion, ... So  Into You. by Atlanta
Rhythm Section. Album, : Submitted by,  : Dogboy. ...
www.letssingit.com/  atlanta-rhythm-section-so-into-you-z8jl3tn.html - 10k -
Hoping you'll get into me

I am so into you
I can't think of  nothing else
I am so into you
I can't think of nothing  else

Thinking how it's going to be
Whenever I get you next to  me
It's gonna be good, dont you know
>From your head to your toe
Gonna  love you all over, over and over
Me into you, you into me, me into  you

I am so into you
I am so into you, ooh

When you walked  into the room
There was voodoo in the vibes
I was captured by your  style
But I could not catch your eyes
Now I stand here helplessly
Hoping you'll get into me

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