POC: a cop term?

Martha Barnette martha at FUNWORDS.COM
Tue Jan 11 19:38:06 UTC 2005

A cop friend of mine in North Carolina says:

>>>> I've used POC as point of contact in police work, especially when
working with CI's (confidential informants). I just called a couple cop
friends and asked them if they've ever heard it used in connection with a
person and they have not. My best guess is that it might be a regional
thing. There is a significant portion of cop jargon that is universal: CI is
a good example. But there are some terms that are both regional and --
occasionally -- peculiar to that department.

My best guess is that POC is some type of shorthand for "person of interest"
or someone who is hot (wanted) with outstanding warrants.<<<<

Wonder if the regional explanation makes sense, in much the same way that
"aural brevity codes" (10-4, 10-20), mean the same thing nationwide up to a
certain number (40, maybe? I forget), and then for numbers beyond that,
there's a good bit of variation from department to department.

Martha Barnette

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