Mandarinquat (Mandarin orange + kumquat)

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For those who love "pluot" and "plumcot" and "pomato" and "citrange" and "tangelo," this one's for you.

Mandarinquat is the clunky if accurate name coined for this small citrus hybrid, a cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat. It is similar to calamansi, an ancient Asian cross between the two fruits that is rounder and often green, and tastes pretty much the same. Each mandarinquat yields a generous tablespoon of lip-smacking, tart juice. It is a good substitute for Seville or sour oranges in dishes like duck à l'orange. The skin, however, has the tender sweetness of kumquat, so simmer strips of the peel in sugar syrup to garnish the duck. A pound of them, easily a dozen, is $9.99 at Agata & Valentina and the Orchard in Midwood, Brooklyn, and $12.99 at Eli's Manhattan and the Vinegar Factory.

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13 June 2003
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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Mandarinquats quietly hit town a few weeks ago. Mandarin-what? Mandarinquat. It's a cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat. It resembles a huge kumquat and is maybe a couple of inches long. The juicy-tart pulp is balanced by the sweetness of the edible rind. Because of the short season and limited crop (only two acres of it are grown in Southern California), Seattle received fewer than 10 cases. A few lucky chefs, such as Seastar's John Howie, have had the chance to play with mandarinquats. Howie garnishes oysters with a sliver of the fruit and offers a white chocolate mandarinquat cheesecake for dessert. Look for dishes using this lovely citrus at Cassis Bistro, marjorie, the Golf Club at Newcastle, and from Lowell- Hunt Catering. Mandarinquats are still "experimental" and not available yet for retail.

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