Oakland food

Dennis R. Preston preston at MSU.EDU
Wed Jan 12 12:26:10 UTC 2005


Too bad you didn't wait longer; the soups at Siam Bay were really
delicious, and the BBQ mussels came with a hot pepper garlic sauce
even garlicky enough for me. (Remember, my family home is not that
far from Transylvania, and I've got to keep vampires away, especially
important at LSA meetings.) Only the stuffed chicken wings were
slightly overcooked.  All in all about an 8 (on a 10 scale). They
were simply overwhelmed by too much bidness. I'd like to go back now
that all the linguists have gone back to where they belong.

The real find in Oakland was Soizic, an Asian-owned, Latino cooked,
Middle-Eastern served French Bistro. Seafood ravioli, seared tuna,
fried escolar, squash soup - everything we had was delicious (went
twice). Plenty of stuff for veggie-snappers, and an good wine list
(with plenty of choices under $40, some even under $30). Corner of
3rd and Broadway (entrance around the corner on 3rd; looks like a
deserted white stone block warehouse from Broadway).


>We stood in line at the Thai restaurant for an hour, then in deseperation
>went to the Mexican place down the street. I order the beef
>molcajete, which was
>so tough I had trouble dhewing it and so picante that the experience of even
>the sause was distressing. Ugh.
>In a message dated 1/11/05 4:14:49 PM, Dennis Preston writes:
>>  >Since Ron and I belong to different generations, we don't often dine
>>  >with one another, but he missed good Thai

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