How soon they forget!

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Thu Jan 13 03:31:20 UTC 2005

At 2:18 PM -0800 1/12/05, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>In those pricey vacation brochures, holidays in Indochina are now
>labeled "Indochine."
>The more things change, the more a rose by any other name smells different.

Not just vacation brochures.  One of the five choices in the Thai
restaurant ghetto (there are 5 such  joints within a 2 block strip)
in New Haven is a place called the Indochine Pavilion (formerly
"Indochine" tout court), which I've always assumed to be a bit
pricier than it would have been had it been named "Indochina", or
"Thai Pavilion" for that matter.


>Wilson Gray <wilson.gray at RCN.COM> wrote:
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>Subject: How soon they forget!
>Given that Vietnam was once part of the colony, _French_ Indo-China, it
>should come as no surprise that a Vietnamese restaurant would have a
>French name like "Le Cheval." And, of course, the number of Americans
>that can read Vietnamese is even smaller than the number that can read
>French, no doubt.
>-Wilson Gray
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