Query: "file 13" (throw sth. away)

Orion Montoya gorion at GMAIL.COM
Fri Jan 14 05:17:09 UTC 2005

My cousin -- born (late 70s) and raised in Buckner, MO (outside Kansas
City) -- has for several years had a band called File 13.  What I
recall of his explanation of its usage referred mainly to stopping a
discussion of intimately unpleasant topics -- say someone asked about
the recent death of a relative, and you tried to be game but you get
sick of talking about it, you'd say "let's put that under file 13."  I
found that description unsatisfying but it was the best I could get.

Oh, maybe he doesn't have that band anymore -- at least the domain
file13.net is now taken by someone else, who calls it his "personal
web trash bin".  whois gives a Michigan zip and area code.


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