Gorram and Frack

sagehen sagehen at WESTELCOM.COM
Sun Jan 16 01:05:18 UTC 2005

>About twenty or so years ago, DC Comics inroduced the supervillain "Lobo,"
>last survivor of an obliterated planet. He was the last survivor because
>he obliterated it himself - to be somebody special.
>At some early point in the saga, Lobo began muttering about "fragging
>this" and "fraghging that" and "stupid fraggers," "frag up."  I've never
>heard anyone actually use these quasi-euphemistic expletives, but a Web
>search shows they're moving stealthily into American English.
>You read it here first.
There is an earlier, more sinister, significance for "fragging," probably
derived from *fragmentation grenade.*  It meant taking advantage of a messy
combat situation to dispose of an intolerable superior officer. "Friendly
fire" so to speak.
A. Murie

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