another early 'boxing/real McCoy" cite-1902

Sam Clements SClements at NEO.RR.COM
Sun Jan 16 23:17:16 UTC 2005

Inspired by Fred Shapiro's message about the Real MacKay today, I searched again for "real McCoy" in Newspaperarchive.

28 Feb. 1902  _Daily Nevada State Journal_ 1/5

(Headline)      The Real McCoy

    <<Daniel McCoy, the well-known pugilist, registered last night at the Riverside.  He is on his way west from NY.  and is accompanied by Stewart P. Elliott of Stockton.>>

I've tried to find out more about a fighter named "Daniel McCoy" but am stumped so far.  I though perhaps they didn't know that "Kid McCoy's" first name was 'Charles' but, in searching  Newspaperarchive for Kid McCoy's travel schedule at the time, it would appear that this "Daniel McCoy" is someone else.  

The headline would indicate that the term "Real McCoy" was known in the US at the time, and most interesting that it was used about a boxer.  But not our Charles Selby=Kid McCoy, evidently.  

It might be worth searching further to see if it was INDEED "Kid McCoy."

If anyone can identify in more detail the boxer Daniel McCoy, that would be helpful.

Sam Clements

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