Cork taint & Trichloroanisole (TCA); Bicerin

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CORK TAINT--8,290 Google hits, 204 Google Groups hits
TCA + CORK--13,500 Google hits, 302 Google Groups hits
TRICHRLOROANISOLE--4,270 Google hits, 79 Google Groups hits
("Cork taint" is not in OED, "miserable on wine")
There's an article in today's METRO about the wine screw-top bottle making
its way in New York wine culture. "Cork taint" is a big issue and has been
written up in many places. OED should enter it, along  with "trichloroanisole."
_Amorim  CorkFacts - FAQs_ (
   ... Q: What is the incidence of  cork taint? ... A: No. TCA is often
referred to as  cork taint; this wrongly suggests the cork is the sole cause  of
TCA. ... - 19k -  _Cached_
aint"&hl=en&ie=UTF-8)  - _Similar pages_
_Supreme Corq  Inc._ (      What is
cork taint? Cork  taint, also known as TCA (2,4,6 trichloroanisole) develops
during  the processing of tree bark cork. ... Why is cork  taint a problem? ... - 7k - _Cached_
=UTF-8)  - _Similar pages_
_Cork taint_
Is  cork taint (a musty smell from the compound trichloroanisole, or  TCA)
an issue in beer circles as it is in the wine industry? ...
(  -  May 10 2000, 5:55 pm by Toby Guidry - 10 messages - 8 authors
    _Corkiness  - TCA_
... facetious). I usually play with the cork  and smell the wine. Cork grade
is not related to likelihood to have  cork taint. Part of ...
(  - Jun 4 1995, 9:41 pm by Tamiko Matsumura Toland - 7  messages - 5
authors ...
_What's  the name for that taste?_
If the wine smells like wet  newspaper, shower mildew, or moldy leaves, the
is likely  "cork taint", which is a chlorine-containing organic  compound ... (  -  Mar
23 1995, 5:21 pm by Richard Sowalsky - 2 messages - 2 authors

     _Star Herald _
(  Friday, April 20,
2001 _Scottsbluff,_
(  _Nebraska_
(      ...per- cent of bottles are  affected
by CORK TAINT each year. Natural CORKs  are.....the wine went bad because of a
bad CORK in the bottle.  CORK is a natural..
     _Valley Independent _
(  Thursday,
March 05, 1998 _Monessen,_
(  _Pennsylvania_
( sealed with natural  cork contains TRICHLOROANISOLE a wine-tainting

_News Record _
(  Thursday, March 05, 1998
_North Hills,_
(  _Pennsylvania_
( sealed with natural  cork contains TRICHLOROANISOLE a wine-tainting

_Capital _
(  Wednesday, September 27,
1995 _Annapolis,_
(  _Maryland_
...DEAR It's a chemical  compound called TRICHLOROANISOLE that gives wine
BICERIN--6,670 Google hits, 64 Google Groups  hits
(Not in OED, "miserable on coffee")
The Saveur 100 is out again, with its usual quirkiness.  From SAVEUR,
February 2005, pg. 57, col. 2:
52. _Why Italians Don't Drink FRAPPUCCINO_
THE EMBLEMATIC drink of Turin is the BICERIN, a layered  concoction of hot
chocolate, espresso, and thick, cold cream, invented in  the 1800s. Nowhere is
it finer than at its probable birthplace, the city's  tiny, wood-paneled Caffe
Al Bicerin, once frequented by Italy's great  unifier, Cavour, as well as by
Nietzsche, Puccini, and Calvino--all of  whom (like us) found fortification in
this dark, delicious  restorative.

_WHAT'S  DOING IN Turin; Events Sightseeing Where to Stay Where to Eat  _
ALESSANDRA STANLEY. New  York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Sep
17, 2000. p.  TR14 (1 page)
Turin lays claim to the famous Giandujotti chocolates, and its pastry  shops
are unforgettable. The Al Bicerin Caffe, Piazza della Consolata 5,  (39) 011
436 9325, has been serving its coffee with chocolate and whipped  cream
practically since it opened in 1763.

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