"Preaching to the choir" (1970)

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PREACHING TO THE CHOIR--150,000 Google hits,  42,700
(Not in OED. The OUP doesn't hire choirboys.)
Jets coach Herman Edwards was asked about keeping free agent running back
Lamont Jordan. Edwards would like to keep him, he said, but that's "preaching to
 the choir."
What does the revised OED have in store?
The Newspaperarchive citation appears bad. Surprisingly, the next citation
appears to be a late 1970.


     _Nashua Reporter _
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=0Hv62RLHvjKKID/6NLMW2uGIogR4goW5qXXpdYO8LVGUNB3I6gXroA==)  Wednesday, October 06,
1937 _Nashua,_
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search=city:nashua+preaching+to+the+choir+AND)  _Iowa_
...church' at 'Nashua. I felt  "more like, PREACHING TO THE CHOIR ttian
THE.....TO sell. THE president talked on THE  rummage sale TO he held during..

_Nashua Reporter _
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Viewer.aspx?img=0Hv62RLHvjKKID/6NLMW2uGIogR4goW5JfeDA/C+EiKUNB3I6gXroA==)  Wednesday, October 06, 1937
_Nashua,_ (http://www.ne
wspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search=city:nashua+preaching+to+the+choir+AND)  _Iowa_
(http://www.newspaperarchive.com/Search.aspx?Search=state:iowa+preaching+to+the+choir+AND)      ...lyedv and f8e.Te.raf
'UookVpaclt like PREACHING TO THE CHOIR than  HO sell. THE.....was asTOnished TO
see cation  address. CHOIR anTHEms will be given at  each..
..Pg. 4?, col. 3:
I felt more like preaching to the choir than the audience.
_Pentagon  Expert Says Soviet Has 300 SS-9s_
By Michael  GetlerWashington Post Staff Writer. The Washington  Post, Times
Herald (1959-1973). Washington, D.C.: Sep 24, 1970. p.  A27 (1 page) :
Porter spoke yesterday before a packed Air Force Association seminar  on "the
threat" to national security. Admitting that this was like  "preaching to the
choir," he nevertheless went on to detail a rather  gloomy Pentagon view of
declining U.S. defense capabilities in the face of  an increasingly well armed
Soviet Union.
2. _The  "Reckless" Talk About Military Spending; Agnew Pep Meeting vs.
Congressional Views _
By Michael Getler.  The Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973).
Washington, D.C.: Sep 30, 1971. p. A18 (1 page)
...   3. _Industry's  Conflict on Bribery Abroad Is Laid to Guidelines 'After
By RICHARD  PHALON. New York Times (1857-Current file).  New York, N.Y.: Dec
5, 1975. p. 57 (2 pages)

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