Eye-catching snack name

Arnold M. Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Jan 19 23:51:06 UTC 2005

On Jan 15, 2005, at 9:59 PM, Douglas G. Wilson wrote:

> At the local grocery store, there are products from "Robert's American
> Gourmet": snacks in bags. The first product I saw was named "Pirate's
> Booty". Later I saw "Veggie Booty", "Fruity Booty", etc.: other
> products
> from the same company, chips or whatever.
> Now I see the product line has been extended to include "Girlfriend's
> Booty". Probably a few bags should sell on the name alone. Will these
> be
> permitted in school lunches? Am I the last one to notice this product
> on
> the shelf?

the first three of these were among the first solid foods consumed by
the utterly adorable opal eleanor armstrong zwicky.  as i recall, no
salt or sugar beyond what's in the raw ingredients to start with, and
no wheat flour.  opal was especially fond of the Veggie version,
because of the broccoli, we think.  now she has lots of teeth and takes
her broccoli raw and straight.

i'd never heard of the products before then.  now i discover that my
grad students snack on them (when they can refrain from descending into


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