Pitfalls of Online Antedating

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Thu Jan 20 14:33:34 UTC 2005

On Jan 19, 2005, at 21:39, Fred Shapiro wrote:
> Ultimately there is a backup to our errors stemming from the
> bibliographic weaknesses of online tools, namely the fact that the OED
> verifies quotations from original print sources.

Of course, this list demonstrates another backup: colleagues sharing
their work, and not just antedatings. We see error-proofing happen on
the list as a matter of course. I think more than a few ideas
ultimately used for papers and presentations (not to mention news
articles, web sites, books, etc.) have been discussed here to the
benefit of all.

Grant Barrett
gbarrett at worldnewyork.org

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