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Wilson Gray wilson.gray at RCN.COM
Fri Jan 21 23:37:31 UTC 2005

Most people pronounce "women" as though it's spelled "wimmin." My
mother pronounces "women" as though it's spelled "wimmun," with a
*very* clear schwa in the final syllable. She forms the plural of
"woman" by raising and fronting the [^] of the first syllable to [I]
while leaving the schwa of the final syllable unmodified. I find it
very annoying. But, what can you do, if it's your own mom?

-Wilson Gray

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>> FWIW, my
>> mother is unique in my experience in pronouncing "women" as [wI m at n].
> ???  Am I being dense?  Aside from "wimming," I can't think of any
> other
> way it could be pronounced.  Or do you mean she divides the syllables
> before the [m] instead of after?  Or inserts a pause?  Or have I been
> miss-pronouncing women all these years?
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