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> My wife says 'mongster' and can hardly say 'monster'--only with GREAT
> difficulty.  I don't understand why it' so difficult for her.
> Fritz
Back in the days before ibuprofen went generic and I saw the name
spelled out in ads, I pronounced "Motrin" as "Moltrin." And your lady
wife (I used to watch the Celtic Channel) has my sympathy. It's only by
thinking before speaking that I can make the distinction between
-im-/-in- and -em-/-en-. Otherwise, they fall together as -im-/-in-.


> Sammich?! WTF! I much prefer to have a sangwich. I know that no less a
> light than Richard Pryor is a sammich man. Nevertheless, I gotta go
> with the dialect of my birthplace and have a sangwich. But, WRT the
> other lexical items, I gotta give you your props. You're the man.
> -Wilson Gray
>> Sigh. To quote Leon, I hate to be the one to break it to you, Jerry,
>> but I know librarians who say "liberry" and "liberrian." I'm afraid
>> that "library" is going to follow "February" right down the tube.
>> -Wilson Gray
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