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This week, I continued the ethnic restaurants of Ninth Avenue chowdown with  
Basilica, 676 Ninth Avenue between 46th and 47th Streets, an OK,  
reasonably-priced Italian restaurant. For dessert, there was "tiramisu" and  "tartuffo."
While dictionaries rushed to include "tiramisu," "tartufo" is not in my  
Merriam-Webster. A few weeks ago, I heard "tartufo" lavishly explained to  
tourists at DiTamasso on Eight Avenue and West  56th. 
William Grimes's EATING YOUR WORDS, pg. 214, explains: "an Italian dessert,  
containing chocolate, of a creamy mousselike consistency. --ORIGIN Italian,  
literally 'truffle.'"
"Tartufo," in this dessert sense, is not in the OED. You'd never know about  
the dessert's history at the Tre Scalini restaurant at the Piazza Navona in  
Rome. You could consult my online food dictionary, but...I'm busy doing parking 
_Display  Ad 168 -- No Title_ 
New York Times (1857-Current  file). New York, N.Y.: Mar 20, 1955. p. M8 (1 
ROMAN FEVER...Once you've had it, you never really recover. And spring is  
the very worst time. YOU DREAM of _fragole_, the tiny woodland strawberries, and 
 baby _piselli_, of fat creamy _fettuccine carciofi alla romano_ and the 
wines of  the Castelli Romani and Valadiev's on the Pincio (Where Nathaniel 
Hawthorne used  to go) and of the Tartufo at the Tre Scalini in the Piazzo Navona, 
the most  beautiful square in _tutto il mondo_.
_An  Effortless Way to Give a Greek Wedding Feast or an Italian Picnic_ 
By JEAN HEWITT. New York Times  (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jul 3, 
1971. p. 31 (1 page) 
There's Galliano in the rich chocolate tartufo dessert for 75 cents and rum  
in the zuppa Inglese for 75 cents a slice.
_Respite  in San Gimignano; Quick Orientation Courtly Stylists A Respite in 
San Gimignano,  a Tuscan Town of Beautiful Towers _ 
By SARAH  FERRELL. New York Times (1857-Current file). New  York, N.Y.: Jun 
11, 1978. p. XX1 (2 pages) 
Pg. 21:
Unable, for want of a kitchen, to justify the real thing, I order a  
"tartufo" for dessert, a thick disk of chocolate ice cream topped with a  
chocolate-coated cherry, the whole dipped in yet more chocolate. It is either  utterly 
delicious or wretchedly excessive; I am unable to make up my mind.
_Restaurants;  Flavors from a Roman piazza. Tre Scalini _ 
Mimi  Sheraton. New York Times (1857-Current file). New  York, N.Y.: Feb 23, 
1979. p. C16 (1 page):
(Tre Scalini, 230 East 58th Street - ed.)
The owners took their name from the same Tre Scalini Restaurant on the  
Piazza Navona in Rome (it means "three little steps," which appear at the  entrance 
to make it all authentic)..
The chocolate covered ice cream tartufo, a trademark at the original Roman  
restaurant, is just as well made here.
_The  Lighter Ice Creams: Now Less Is More; The Lighter Ice Creams and Ices: 
Now Less  Is More _ 
By FLORENCE FABRICANT. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: 
Jul 21,  1982. p. C1 (2 pages) 
Pg. C6:
But at the prices they are charging, they should also offer a truffle  flavor 
- tartufo - as the superrich chocolate ice cream is called in  Italy.
_Northwest Airlines Travel to Rome_ 
... Best Desserts: It's a bit of an exaggeration to say that  people fly to 
Rome just
to sample the tartufo at Tre  Scalini, Piazza Navona 30 (tel. ... 
www.nwa.com/travel/world/frommers/rome/0064020003.html - 52k - _Cached_ 
/rome/0064020003.html+tartufo+and+tre+scalini&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8)  - 
_Similar pages_ 
_The Kiechle Family / Trips / Rome Christmas_ 
... But the real reason to visit the Piazza Navona is, of course,  the café 
and restaurant
Tre Scalini, home of the world's best  Tartufo (ice cream coated with ... 
www.kiechle.com/trips/romexmas/romexmas.htm - 33k - _Cached_ 
tartufo+and+tre+scalini&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8)  - _Similar pages_ 
_Rome : Restaurants : Dessert | Frommers.com_ 
... A close second is Tre Scalini, Piazza Navona 30  (tel. 06-687-9148;), 
is celebrated for its tartufo. Gelato  connoisseurs say ... 
www.frommers.com/destinations/rome/0064022435.html - 33k - _Cached_ 
64022435.html+tartufo+and+tre+scalini&hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8)  - _Similar 
pages_ (http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=lang_en&ie=UTF-8&q=related:www.f
LIFE"S LITTLE IRONIES, OR, IT"S DAMN COLD OUT-I had a day off on  Tuesday and 
went for a dental cleaning. On my last cleaning, a cavity was  spotted. This 
time, I was told that I had cracked a molar way in the back of my  mouth. And 
the dentist will have to cap it, but first, I have to see a  periodontist, 
because I have to cut my gums, of course.  
In the dentist's waiting room was the latest issue of THE NEW YORKER.  And I 
told the dentist that my "Big Apple" work was, after a mere 13  years, "The 
Talk of The Town." Without my name there, of course. And then  you realize that 
if you added up all you've ever earned over 25 years, it still  wouldn't pay 
for one tooth. 
So you go to work the next day, and the most important story in the  world, 
according to the News and the Post, is that baseball player Mike Piazza  is 
marrying a woman. And then you arrive at the parking ticket place, and you  
realize there's no heat. And the guard tells you you're lucky, you have the room  
with no windows, it's nice and comfy. And you should have been here yesterday,  
they worked from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., and it was much colder then and  
everyone worked wearing coats, he says. And you say why doesn't anyone call  311, 
and they all say that nobody listens to us. And it's like this every damn  
day of your life. 
WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT ON FRIDAY?--Waverly Restaurant on Sixth  Avenue and 
Waverly. It's been around Greenwich Village forever, but I'd never  gone 
there. You get a lot of food (soup, salad, fish, potato, vegetable) for  $15.95.- 
WHERE DID BARRY POPIK EAT ON THURSDAY?--Four restaurants! I had a  slice of 
pizza at the four-week-old DeMarco's, at MacDougal and West Houston. It  
supposedly has great pizza and is a spin-off of a successful Brooklyn pizzeria.  
It's $2.50 a slice. Some nice cheese, but burnt crust that I skipped. I then had  
once slice at Pizza Booth and one slice at Pizza Box, opposite each other on  
Bleecker, again skipping the crust. Average stuff, for $2, and $2.25 a slice. 
I  then had French onion soup at Dojo on West Fourth Street and Mercer, for 
$2.75.  The best bargain of all. 
PAST WEEK: Our Place (Chinese) and Shanghai Pavilion, both on Third  Avenue, 
between 77th and 82nd Streets.  Excellent places. I'll probably go  to the 
West Side for Teng's on West 55th Street (opposite La Bonne Soup) and  Shanghai 
Palace on Ninth Avenue later this week.

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