Getaway Game

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Sat Jan 22 20:48:42 UTC 2005

THE NBA''s Atlantic Division continues to be exciting, with all the teams
below .500 and the NY Knicks coach the first to be be gone.
The last place New Jersey Nets beat first place Boston Celtics last night,
Four games separates all the teams. The Nets leave for a tough five day road
trip, with a Sunday game in Phoenix.
"We call this the 'getaway game.'" said commentator and former player Kelly
Tripucka. "You always want to get away with a win."
Is "getaway game" from basketball or baseball? Is it the last  home game
before a road trip, or the last game on a road trip before returning  home?

... Magic Basketball_
... Spurs, now 18-5, would test his team's heart and toughness,  considering
some players
refer to the last game of an arduous road trip as a  "getaway game," as in
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ie=UTF-8)  - _Similar pages_
_Yahoo! Sports_ (
... ``You always  want to get the getaway game and take ...
 2. Los Angeles
Clippers Fan Shops - Buy your favorite NBA basketball  team merchandise here.
... - 28k - _Cached_
"getaway+game"+basketball&hl=en&ie=UTF-8)  - _Similar pages_

The significance of winning their last home game until Feb. 19 was not lost
on the Clippers, who are 7-2 in home contests immediately preceding road
``You always want to get the getaway game and take that positive feeling on
the road with you,'' _Quentin  Richardson_ (
m/nba/players/3417/)  said.

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