Gandhi's "eye for eye"(1982) (FURY, 1936)

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While in the Bronx Help Center on Friday, I brought up the topic of a storm. "You"ve been here a long time," I was told. "Have we ever closed?" Before I could answer, there was this: "When the electricity went out. We had a skeletal staff." That was last year, when there was a blackout and the subways weren't working. Parking tickets usually need computer databases for processing.

Today, I went to the New York Public Library to do Fred Shapiro research. It was closed for the storm. So, I took a train to NYU, where I am now. There were subway announcements that no one could understand. (Thank goodness the fares are going up again.)

I got to NYU a little after 5 p.m. There was a sign that most services would be closed at 5 p.m.


I checked NYU's database of AMERICAN FILM SCRIPTS ONLINE, but the movie GANHDI's script isn't there. FWIW, there's this:

3. Lang, Fritz; Cormack, Bartlett; Krasna,... . "Fury (1936)"
[Page 38 | Paragraph | (SCENE) | Section | Table of Contents]
over again. KATHERINE That doesn't matter. I'll never stop going over it as long as I live-- (She pauses a moment, fumbles with her bag, and then looks up at him quickly.) I don't want anything as blood-thirsty as an eye for an eye, or a life for a life, or whatever it is the law demands. I'll leave those details to you and Charlie and Tom. But part of that mob were women, Mr. Adams! And those men-- they have wives, some of them-- they have women who love them the way I loved Joe! I want those women to suffer. I

4. Lang, Fritz; Cormack, Bartlett; Krasna,... . "Fury (1936)"
[Page 40 | Paragraph | (SCENE) | Section | Table of Contents]
Voice says "innocent man," the scene dissolves to JOE'S HIDEOUT, where JOE is sitting hunched intently over a small, cheap radio, listening with a fixed grin of satisfaction. DISTRICT ATTORNEY'S VOICE The law is the only safeguard against "an eye for an eye," "a tooth for a tooth" and blind chaos! We again see the COURTROOM as the District Attorney concludes. DISTRICT ATTORNEY American democracy and its system of fair play for the rights of individuals under the law is on


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