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Sun Jan 23 07:27:22 UTC 2005

To-Fou anyone?

Don't know whether Barry Popik has the following spelling, so here goes:

"Ma Po Tou-fu - This nationally well-known dish was invented in the reign of
Emperor Tung Chi (1862-75) of the Manchu Dynasty by the wife of one Chen
Ling-fu, a well known chef in Chengtu. The lady had a badly pock-marked
face; hence the name, Tou-fu of the Pock-marked Wife."
- Kenneth Lo, 'Chinese Provincial Cooking', Elm Tree/Hamish Hamilton,
London, 1979 (Sphere Books, London, 1981, 255)

Where did Neil Crawford eat last night?
Chez nous: fresh egg tagliatelle with home-made red pepper and mushroom
sauce. Email me if you'd like the pasta sauce recipe.

neil at

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