"Glass bottle" (vb)

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Mon Jan 24 17:29:36 UTC 2005

Apparently a Britishism, but found in a USian newspaper.

Rotten Kids, British Style, Collide With American Back to Nature
Published: January 24, 2005


 From a review of "Brat Camp", an "enlightening, four-part teen-reform
reality series, which has its penultimate episode on ABC Family
tonight. On this show six sulky, brawling British adolescents are
forced to grow up under the pressure of frontier-style American

The article concludes with:

But Tom, who initially feigns madness, Hamlet-style, has at least one
moment of lucidity. Explaining himself to Fran, he gives a rap sheet
with details that suggest a quintessentially British burnout.

"I'm a screwed-up little druggie," he says. "He's been disrespectful
to his mum. He broke his mum's ribs by pushing her onto a washing
machine. What else have I done? Oh, yeah, I glass-bottled someone."

Impressive. At least the tuneless singers on "American Idol" don't
glass bottle people, whatever that is.

(end quote)

Since Google inconveniently doesn't allow one to distinguish parts of
speech in searches, "glass bottle" is useless as a search phrase, and
strings like "to glass bottle" and "glass bottled" aren't as helpful
as I'd hoped at first they might be. Adding "violence" to the search
field did turn up this article, though:

Surgeon on glass bottle 'weapon'


Pubs and clubs should sell bottled beer and alcopops in plastic
bottles in order to cut street violence, a conference has heard.

(end quote)

The verb doesn't appear here, though. On the other hand, another
(British-only?) term I'd not seen before does, apparently unusual
enough to warrant quotes:

Delegates from the drinks industry, the police, public health, the
drug and alcohol advisory sector and local authorities heard how
happy hours, alcopops, growing affluence and the British obsession
with "necking it" as the night goes on all play a part.

(end quotes)

Another British article defines it by context:


Sipping it, not necking it
(Filed: 14/02/2004)

Students are as keen as ever on drinking - but more want quality, not
quantity, says Simon Brooke.

(end quote)


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