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>From OED:  (n) d. A magician who performs feats which apparently demonstrate extraordinary mental powers, such as telepathy, precognition, etc.; a mind-reader.     1925 _Sphinx_ July 159/2 (heading) Attention, Mentalists!

Indianapolis Star | 1909-10-16 p 5 col 4.
"Several letters and papers which seem to in involve John Wilson, charged with the murder of his wife on the third day of March, have been found in a trash pile on East Fifth street through the agency of a mentalist."

Syracuse Herald Journal | 1909-06-06 p 40 col 6.
[advertisement for the Grand theater]
"Special Engagement of Pearl Tangley The Egyptian Mentalist.  The most astounding exhibition of mental telepathy ever witnessed.  She will tell you IF You ought to marry You will succeed Your sweetheart loves you."

Coshocton [Ohio] Morning Tribune, 1911-11-21  page 2 col 4.
"Mental Marvel at The Colonial"
"Manager Abbott of The Colonial has secured Ethel Roberts, a girl mentalist, for a limited engagement, starting Monday night. Miss Roberts, who is a protégé of Anna Eva Fay, presents a remarkable exhibition of telepathy wherein she calls people by name, tells them of events that have transpired in their past and gives them advise in love affairs, business, etc."

Coshocton [Ohio] Morning Tribune, 1911-08-13, p. 5 col 7
"Mental Photography A Wonderful Phase of Psychical Phenomena"
"Professor J. Edgar Marion, telephotist, expert mentalist and master of silent forces, of Boston, Mass., who is now located at the Standen hotel,possesses the greatest mental power ever displayed in this city."

Davis County [Utah] Clipper 1921-04-01 p. 5 col 3.
"Bill for Orpheum Theatre Commencing Wed., March 30"
"Harry Kahno, "The Incomparable Mentalist," performs  wonderful feats featuring "the Evolution of the Human Brain." "

Monessen [Pennsylvania] Daily Independent, 1911-12-20 p. 6 col 2.
"Mind Reading Strange Silent Power"
"Professor William Walter Lipsin, Philospher and Scientist, is now in this city on business pertaining to the Boston Telepathy Club, under the auspices of the Morgan-Russell Institutue, and has arranged to give a portion of his time to those wishing to learn certain things concerning their own affairs or the affairs of others in whom they are interested."

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