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Wed Jan 26 22:21:29 UTC 2005

Another subscriber asks about "chillaxing", which a Web search shows
easily enough is a recent slang term (~2000?) created as a blend of
"chill" and "relaxing".

It turned up in a reader's review in the issue of <em>Newsday</em>
for 8 December last year about "Destiny Fulfilled", the reunion album
of Destiny's Child: "The album as a whole ... actually sounds like a
parody of a hip-hop record, and is, in fact, too played out for
servin', too wack for chillaxing, and much too bunk to twurk to."

Could somebody give me a translation of the last bit? And what's the
cultural context here - is it enough to say it's rap slang, or is
there more that needs to be said?

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