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Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Thu Jan 27 16:29:27 UTC 2005

>From the comic strip "Freckles and his Friends" 11/23/1944, Merrill
Blosser, NEA Service.
Panel 1:
Mr. Wilson (principal?) "-- And if this keeps up, the English Language
will eventually lose its identity! -- For instance, studying is not
"worming." High school is NOT a "brain factory."  A diploma is NOT a
Freckles: "Yes, Sir!"
Panel 2
Secretary (answering phone): "Mr. Wilson's office!"
Mr. Wilson (still talking to Freckles): "If this strange language is
continued, it may even contaminate the FACULTY!"
Panel 3
Secretary (to Mr. Wilson):  "Somebody wants to talk to you on the
Mr. Wilson's pince nez glasses pop off his face in astonishment!

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