"Mother made me a homosexual" (1967)

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This is in the same "Jesus Saves, Moses Invests" graffiti article.

Graffiti To Print
By JACOB BRACKMAN. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Feb 12, 1967. p. 259 (2 pages)
Second page:
Underneath the confession MY MOTHER MADE ME A HOMOSEXUAL, someone scribbled: IF I GET HER THE WOOL, WILL SHE MAKE ME ONE, TOO?

   Mansfield News  Friday, March 11, 1977 Mansfield, Ohio
...soggy And hArd to light. MOTHER MADE ME A homosexuAl. I send her the wool.....dirty And got the reply, New York MADE ME dirty- When soMEbody suggested, is no..

   Daily Gleaner  Wednesday, March 01, 1967 Kingston, Kingston
...on A wAll 'the con fession MY MOTHER MADE ME A HOMOSEXUAL- Anc underneAth.....The pArticu1 r incident which MADE ME record the detAils took plAce on..

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