Rolling papers/Rizla/1500's?

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Well, yeah, Karen, but did they really roll the makin's into coffin nails? One wonders.


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Columbus and his crew, landing in the Bahamas
on October 12th, 1492 were the first Europeans to
encouter the Taino People.

The Taíno spoke a form of Arawak
and used the words: barbecue, "hammock", canoe, and
tabaco which have been incorporated into the English and Spanish languages.

karen ellis

>FWIW, I've always had the impression that cigarettes weren't invented
>until the time of the Crimean War. Supposedly, Turkish troops ran out
>of the easily-broken clay pipes that they normally used for smoking.
>So, someone came up with the bright idea of using the paper meant for
>rolling gunpowder to make cartridges to roll tobacco, instead. I read
>this in an official, board of education-sanctioned comic book of
>history when I was in about the fifth grade. Though the comic book had
>nothing to say on this point, clearly, it was the use tobacco that
>occasioned the downfall of the Turkish Empire. The "Sick Man of Europe"
>died of lung cancer.
>-Wilson Gray

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