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You know, I never watched his 11:15 p.m.-to-whenever show either. I felt obligated to tune in for the incredibly hyped and touted finale but quit early because it didn't seem funny or interesting or much of anything.


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Jonathan L writes:

>Speaking of which, a TV talking head yesterday said something about
>"Johnny Carson was a favorite for thirty years. That's three generations
>of Americans." "Generations" has been used loosely for a long time, but
>this must be the briefest specific interpretation yet since *all*
>Americans are included.<
All the talk about Carson has me somewhat bemused. It is taken for granted
that Everyone knows Johnny Carson.
I don't.
I "know" -- as a bit of rote -- that he was the host of a tv program (Late
Night?) for many years. I wouldn't recognize his picture if I saw it.
We never had a tv until about 15 years ago, and I do know that there are
lots of real, live, quite normal, ordinary people who live without tv.
Moreover, it is even possible to have a tv and not watch some particular
program. There are known to be some Canadians, even, who don't watch Hockey
Night in Canada (that is, in years when the season isn't cancelled)!
Strange, but true.

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