{ronunciation of slender D in irish

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Can the well attested 19th C. "jasm" = "energy" be accounted for as part of this cluster?  It is also logically possible that the adj. "jazzy" came first, if I read the Irish "teasai" correctly. Do I ?


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Thanks so much for the feedback. It is very helpful. Here is the main rule
taught in Irish language classes in Ireland and USA on the slender T. The
rule of Tir.

The Irish pronunciation rule of the slender T
Or the rule of Tir.

Tir, land country can be pronounced correctly


Every native speaker would understand no matter which I said. Posted by
Padraig - a native speaker -- on Daltai Irish language discussion group Jan 28,

I am not a native speaker. Though my grandparents were native speakers of
Donegal dialect who emigrated to Greenpoint, Brooklyn.. They pronounced Tir
Jeer. And Teas Jass.

Thanks so much. Go raibh maith agat.

Teas, pron. jass or chass or t'ass.

Dan Cassidy

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