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I read in the Daily News (from AP) today that the person who coined "battered child" has died.

   b. battered baby, an infant exhibiting symptoms (the battered baby syndrome) resulting from repeated injuries inflicted upon it over a period; battered wife, woman, a woman who has been repeatedly injured or otherwise ill-treated by her partner.

   [1962 C. H. KEMPE et al. in Jrnl. Amer. Med. Assoc. 7 July 17/1 The battered-child syndrome is a term used by us to characterize a clinical condition in young children who have received serious physical abuse, generally from a parent or foster parent.] 1963 Brit. Med. Jrnl. 21 Dec. 1558 (heading) Multiple epiphysial injuries in babies (‘*battered baby’ syndrome). Ibid. 1560/1 The x-ray changes in the ‘battered baby’ those often described in infantile scurvy.

U.S. psychiatrist Brandt Steele, who helped break ground on child abuse, dies

DENVER (AP) - Dr. Brandt Steele, a psychiatrist who helped pioneer the treatment of child abuse victims and coined the term "battered child," died Jan. 19. He was 97.

In a 1962 paper, Steele and longtime associate Dr. C. Henry Kempe, a pediatrician, became the first to detail the physical and psychological symptoms of child abuse by parents, dubbing the result "battered child syndrome."

The paper was pronounced one of the 20th century's 50 most important medical contributions by the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Steele and Kempe also were first to document that abusers themselves often were childhood victims of abuse and neglect.

Steele grew up in Indiana, attended Indiana University and studied under Alfred Kinsey, who later became famous for his research on sexuality.

He later joined the faculty of the University of Colorado Medical School.


I've been looking into more of these. What else could follow "battered child"?
Here are some from the Christian Science Monitor.

Jump-Rope Rhymes
HORACE REYNOLDS. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Jul 11, 1941. p. 12 (1 page):
"One, two, buckle my shoe,
Three, four, shut the door,
Five, six, pick up sticks,
Seven, eight, lay them straight"
"Way down South, where bananas grow,
A fly stepped on an elephant's toe.
The elephant cried with tears in his eyes,
'You big brute, take someone your size!'"
"Done the Mississippi where the steamboats 'putt,'
An elephant stepped on a cocktoach's foot.
'Ouch,' cried the cockroach, with tears in his eyes,
'Why don't you pick on someone your size?'"
"Missus Sippi lived by the shore,
She had children three or more.
The oldest one was twenty-four.
How many children did she have?"

Little Girl Jump-Rope Chants: Folk Rhymes in the Making; From Nantucket To New Mexico Wandering Minstrels Rhythmic Tap Of Jumping Feat
Special to The Christian Science MonitorMarian Gregg.. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Sep 27, 1941. p. 9 (1 page):
Charlie Chaplin went to France
To teach the ladies how to dance;
First the heel, then the toe,
Round and round and round we go.
Bow to the queen,
Salute to the king,
Turn your back to the submarine..
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground,
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, tie your shoe.
Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, that will do.
Mabel, Mabel, set the table,
Don't forget the vinegar, salt and red hot pepper.
Amos and Andy,
Sugar and candy,
I spy down;
AMos and Andy,
Sugar and candy,
I spy up.

Sidewalk Rhymes
FRANCIS RUSSELL. Christian Science Monitor (1908-Current file). Boston, Mass.: Jan 4, 1951. p. 8 (1 page):
Eeny, meeny, miney. mo,
Catch a nigger by the toe.
If he hollers, let him go,
Eeny, maany, miney, mo.
Inty, minty, dibbeldy fig,
Deelya, meelya, dominig,
Eitcha, peitcha, dibbeldy eitcha
Uliga, buliga, boo,
Out goes Y-O-U.
No more pencils, no more books,
No more teachers' cross-eyed looks.
One, two, button my shoe,
Three, four, shut the door,
Five, six, pick up sticks,
Seven, eight, lay them straight,
Nine, ten, start all over again.
One, eat a plum, put your right foot over,
Two, button my shoe, etc.,
Three, come with me,
Four, shut the door,
Five, I'm alive,
Six, pick up sticks,
Seven, I'm in heaven,
Eight, shut the gate,
Nine, be on time,
Ten, start all over again.
Eeny, meeny, Mussolini,
Hit him on the bumble beany.
Eeny, meeny, miney mo,
Catch a Jap by the toe,
If he hollers, make him say:
"I surrender U.S.A."


I ate at Tiny Thai, 694 Ninth Avenue between West 47th And West 48th streets. I had a "sunny roll." Sunny, one so true?

New York Daily News - City Life - Dishes with a little kick at ...
... is a wonderful warmup, a bowlful of coconut broth spiked with spicy Thai herbs and
tender slices of white-meat chicken. Meanwhile, the "Sunny roll" ($3.50) is ... story/247147p-211705c.html - 38k - Cached - Similar pages

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