Kissing poem (1969); Peanut Butter poem (1922)

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Here are two I've seen in several books. The kissing poem must be earlier than this.

   Coshocton Tribune  Tuesday, February 25, 1969 Coshocton, Ohio
...then COMES MARRIAGE: then here she COMES with a BABY CARRIAGE." .Liquor j n.....complex .Childhood Chants remembered: "FIRST COMES love..
Pg. 6, col. 1 (Bert Bacharach column from Los Angeles):
FADED PHRASES: "She's a caution," "Little pitchers have big ears" and "He's dead to the world"...Childhood chants remembered: "First comes love, then comes marriage; then here she comes with a baby carriage."

   Daily Herald  Sunday, July 07, 1985 Chicago, Illinois
...favorite anONymous. A PEANUT A PEANUT SAT ON THE RAILROAD It's heart was all a.....Choo-choo train comes round THE Toot PEANUT When THE Dark Comes Dancing. a..

   Bee  Wednesday, June 14, 1922 Danville, Virginia
...powder pufts. Life. Toot Toot A PEANUT SAT ON THE RAILROAD track, Its heart was.....THE came thundering past Toot Toot1. PEANUT Butter. Nowadays. H. E. says an..
Pg. 4, col. 2:
_Toot! Toot!_
A peanut sat on the railroad track,
Its heart was all a-flutter,
The 3:45 came thundering past--
Toot! Toot! Peanut Butter.

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