Acka-backa, soda cracker

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Sun Jan 30 16:52:46 UTC 2005

Wilson Gray-vo':
 I knew only the "Catch-a-Jap" version of Eenie Meenie. But, now that I
see your version of it, Larr, I'm reminded that the version that I
learned of Acka-Backa had, after the ethnic slur, a line:

My mother told me to pick the very best one
O-U-T spells out goes YOU!

It's an interesting coincidence that two different chants both include
a very similar line that kinda blows up the rhythm of each chant.

If the rhythm were maintained it would be easier to predict in real time
(or, as we used to say, on the fly) where the count would end up. ISTM that
it's less predictable this way, and so a desirable characteristic (a
"survival trait") in a counting-out verse.

mark by hand

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