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Sun Jan 30 17:57:56 UTC 2005

 >-Wilson Gray writes:
>I was completely unaware of the term "nigger toe" till I was in the
>Army in 1961.  A white, fellow G.I., also from Texas, explained it to
>me. Of course, once I'd heard the explanation, the relevance of the
>usage was immediately obvious. I have no idea what a "coneflower" is,
>so you've lost me on that one. However, I do know "niggerhead," but
>primarily as a literary term for an underwater obstruction that can rip
>out the bottom of a commercial fishing boat.
Coneflowers are composites. The one in question, /Rudbeckia occidentalis/,
has a dome-shaped disc and is missing ray flowers altogether.  Sort of like
Echinacea or Black-eyed susan without the outer ring of petals.

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