Nouse (2003)

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Jan 30 20:49:51 UTC 2005

At 12:37 PM -0800 1/30/05, Dave Wilton wrote:
>"This application--called Nouse, for nose as a mouse--tracks the movements
>of your nose, and was developed by Dmitry Gorodnichy. You can play NosePong,
>a nose-driven version of the Pong video game, or test your ability to paint
>with your nose or to write with your nose." "Recent Advances in Computer
>Vision," Massimo Picardi and Tony Jan, The Industrial Physicist, Vol. 9, No.
>1, Feb-Mar 2003,
>"A computer vision scientist at the National Research Council of Canada made
>headlines a couple of months ago with the introduction of the nouse--a
>system that allows for cursor control by tracking the tip of the user's
>nose." "Communications of the ACM" (Association for Computing Machinery),
>Vol. 48, No. 1, Jan 2005, p. 9.
>There are about 16 Usenet hits for the word on Google Groups.

Sounds intriguing.  Does one's nose need to be hooked up to a USB
port, though?  Sounds uncomfortable.


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