"I see London, I see France" (1967)

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LONDON TIMES--It looks like NYU has stopped subscribing to this, so I can't check "I see London, I see stars" and "I see London, I see France." Is NYU saving money, George Thompson?

PROQUEST HISTORICAL NEWSPAPERS--Wasn't the Boston Globe supposed to arrive some time in January?...Aren't they supposed to finish the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune this year? Wouldn't it help if ProQuest ADDED SOME NEW MATERIAL FOR 2005??


   Playground Daily News  Wednesday, June 28, 1967 Fort Walton Beach, Florida
...to hIs teenage granddaughter: "I SEE LONDON, I SEE France I sI.'0 someone's.....good graces of a southern neIghbor to SEE to It that harassed and ImprIsoned..

Pg. 4, col. 1:
The other day we heard a grandfather reach back into his mental notebook and come up with this very timely, appropriate limerick as he spoke to his teenage granddaughter:

"I see London, I see France
I see someone's underpants."--Springfield (Minn.) Advance-Press

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