German Irish language scholar Heinrich Wagner, "Gaeilge Theilinn"

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Mon Jan 31 03:29:30 UTC 2005

  Daniel Cassidy <DanCas1 at AOL.COM> wrote:

<< Deir Quiggin fa dtaobh de t´: 'I have not noticed any tendency in
for t´ to pass into t´§ as in parts of Connaught, Manx and Scotch  Gaelic.
The contact for t´ is however broken very gradually and a glide  resembling
§ isheard.' 
--Heinrich Wagner, "Gaeilge Theilinn"

The southern Donegal dialect merges with Connaught and a glide  resembling §
is heard.

Daniel, I am cc-ing this to you since I understand that you are now popping 
onto the subscriber list only long enough to post, then unsubbing. (I do not 
know of a web term for this behavior, but I might call it "sniping". It is 
not, IMHO, the behavior of one who wishes to engage in discussion.))

The character I see after "a glide  resembling" is the section symbol, 
resembling a capital S with a doubled midsection. I have no idea what this 
is supposed to represent phonetically. I would guess, from context, 
something like the English "sh", a palato-alveolar voiceless fricative; but 
that's just a guess, and "something like" is hardly precise.

-- Mark A. Mandel
by hand

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