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'Complicit' is in WNW 4th ed, run in at the entry 'complicitous'.


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Fred Shapiro wrote:
> >Here's a fairly common word that is not in the OED:
> >
> >
> >complicit (not in OED)
> >
> >1969 _University of Kansas Law Review_ XVII. 631 (Hein
> Online)  Consumers,
> >as the result of their peculiar personalities and motivations, are
> >complicit partners in deception, and in some cases may be
> almost solely
> >the cause for any misperceptions that occur.

And Orin Hargraves replied:
> It's also curiously missing from RHUD, WNW-4, and Collins.
> ODE's got it,
> however, and says "1940s: back-formation from complicity."
> (but with no
> citational evidence). MW-11 says 1973. AH-4 doesn't date it.

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