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LINGUIST List: Vol-16-302. Mon Jan 31 2005. ISSN: 1068 - 4875.

Subject: 16.302, TOC: English Today 20/4 (2004)

Publisher:      Cambridge University Press

Journal Title:  English Today
Volume Number:  20
Issue Number:  4
Issue Date:  October 2004

Main Text:

Singapore, grammar, and the teaching of "internationally acceptable English"
Tom Mcarthur

Learning world languages
Tom Mcarthur

Persian loanwords in English
Alan s. Kaye

So what's in a book?
Bob Blaisdell

Latin and English as world languages
Roger Wright

The psychic rewards of teaching
James e. Alatis

Playful English: kinds of reduplication
Paul Rastall

"Is English we speaking": Trinbagonian in the twenty-first century
Valerie Youssef

Orin Hargraves

The faces and facets of English in Malaysia
Joanne Rajadurai

Consonantal beginnings
Michael Bulley

Is the devil in the details?
Jennifer Speake (ed.), 2003, The Oxford Dictionary of Proverbs, Oxford
University Press (pp.xiv + 375. hb 0-19-860524-2)
Robert Allen

LINGUIST List: Vol-16-302

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