I'd Hit It?

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Mon Jan 31 23:50:39 UTC 2005

Krafft-Ebing had an extensive chapter on cheeseburgers, but a "double"?  If this is current elsewhere - and why not? - I haven't seen or heard it.


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I'm not sure if this is intentional, a huge screwup, or an inadvertent success: McDonald's is currently running a banner ad on ESPN.com, http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/simmons/index, with the message "Double Cheeseburger? | I'd Hit It | I'm a Dollar Menu Guy." As you all know, "I'd hit it" means "I would like to have sex with that person," a sentiment that seems out of place when applied to a double cheeseburger. The ad is drawing comment, one example being http://andrewteman.typepad.com/worldchamp/2005/01/mcdonalds_wants.

John Baker

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