Shanghai chickens etc., 1852

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Thu Mar 3 01:53:37 UTC 2005

>OED has "shanghai" fowl only from 1853.

A little earlier from NYT:


_New York Daily Times_, 2 Oct. 1852: p. 2:

<<From the October Knickerbocker. / .... / THE SHANGHAI CHICKENS. / ....
"Your correspondent has at last got his Shanghai hen! I wish him joy of it.
He should have seen the brutes, as I have, in the unmitigated ungainliness
of early youth; stalking about the barn-yard on stilts, gazing stupidly
around from that bad eminence; blown over by every blast of wind, or coming
down heels-over head on a kernel of corn. My Shanghais began life with an
inordinate pair of drum-sticks, and have been running to legs ever since.


_New York Daily Times_, 19 Oct. 1852: p. 2:

<<_Shanghai Sheep._ -- Sheep all the way from China, good reader! Something
of a novelty that. We are accustomed, thanks to Yankee adventure, to the
terms, Shanghai chickens, Shanghai eggs, &c., but we had no idea that the
subjects of the Brother of the Sun and fifty-third Cousin of the Moon had
any knowledge of the value of the wool clip or the taste of mutton chops.


-- Doug Wilson

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