man+(noun) combining form

Lal Zimman zimman at SFSU.EDU
Sat Oct 1 16:57:04 UTC 2005

On Sep 30, 2005, at 12:49 PM, Carl Burnett wrote:

> female clothing/accessories:
> "man-thong" (51,400)
> "man-purse" (48,300; popularized by a "Seinfeld" episode)
> "man-panties" (46,000)

There's also "manties" (man+panties 31,000), though probably not all
of those hits are for that sense of the word. I first heard this term
from a friend of mine who was teasing a guy about the package of
briefs in the back of his car. "Bought some manties today, eh?" I
would imagine a lot of these have negative connotations. E.g. you'd
probably be more likely to say "thong" or "men's thong" or something
like that if you had a positive opinion of men wearing thongs. "Man-
thong" seems like it would be more likely to be anti-men's thongs.

> "man-bra" (32,100)
> "manpon" (man+tampon, 1,810)
> "man-skirt" (921)
> "man-blouse" (752)
> "man-dress" (a few)


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