Jet Ski (1974)

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Sun Oct 2 22:43:12 UTC 2005

Jet Ski, n. = proprietary name (OED3 1977)

1974 _Los Angeles Times_ 3 Oct. VII1/3 An ocean-going vehicle that
resembles a snowmobile will be added to the lifeguards' equipment to aid
them in ocean rescues. Called a Jet Ski, the device is a small motorized
craft that can carry its driver through moderately choppy surf at speeds
up to 35 m.p.h.

jet-skiing, vbl. n. (OED3 1977)

1976 _Los Angeles Times_ 4 Nov. (Advertising Supplement) 23/3 Pete
Hartman..said that his marina, as well as the marina on the north shore,
will both be open at Lake Camanche all year long with plenty of water for
water skiing, sailing, fishing or even jet skiing.

jet-ski, v. (OED3 1983)

1978 _Los Angeles Times_ 1 Jan. 2/1 (photo caption) Three intrepid
voyagers who jet-skiied from San Diego to Hawaii reach Waikiki.

jet-skier, n. (OED3 1980)

1978 _Los Angeles Times 15 Oct. (San Diego Co.) II1/1 Around and among
them, catamarans race with the wind, Jet Skis whine and skip the waves,
skiers crouch behind power boats (and resent the Jet-Skiers), and a few
tall sailboats nose their way through the throng.

--Ben Zimmer

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