mountain biking (1982)

Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Mon Oct 3 18:27:55 UTC 2005

mountain biking, vbl. n. (OED3 1985)

1982 _Los Angeles Times_ 24 Aug. V7/2 Devotees of a new sport called
mountain biking, the Johnsons' bikes are especially intended for rough
terrain and night riding.

1983 _Los Angeles Times_ 11 Jan. V1/1 (heading) The joy of new California
sport--mountain biking.

1983 _Los Angeles Times_ 11 Jan. V5/1 Mountain biking is a native
California sport that only recently has spread to other Western states.

(Dangling modifier fans should enjoy that first cite.)

--Ben Zimmer

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