Merriam-Webster adds new words

Mullins, Bill Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Mon Oct 3 21:22:47 UTC 2005

The complete list is here:

A couple of antedates:

battle dress uniform (MWD 1982, OED does not list)

"Division to Sail in Two Months" Canadian Press wire service, _New York
Times_; Oct 15, 1939; pg. 40 col 6.
"By the time the division sails the troops will be completely equipped
with the new battle dress uniform of blouse, loose-fitting trousers and

bikini wax (MWD 1984, OED does not list)

The article cites "bikini wax" back to 1985.  OED does not list.

"Getting In The Summer Swim Against The 1975 Economic Tide"
By Nina S. Hyde
The Washington Post; Jun 1, 1975; pg. F1 (cite from F3, col 3).
"And beauty salons in the Washington area are seeing a greater demand
for the bikini wax treatment for hair removal."

"Ask Jennifer"
Dallas Morning News
1975-03-16 > Sec: E Page 5 col 6.
"Since the string bikini is so skimpy, many women will have to invest in
a bikini wax if they want to wear this fashion, or learn to do it
themselves -- which is not easy."

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