scenester (1983)

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Mon Oct 3 21:23:44 UTC 2005

scenester (OED3 1986)

[1982 _Los Angeles Times_ 16 July VI16/2 The Young Gones, a co-ed a
cappella outfit composed of four local seen-on-the-scenesters, opened the
evening with a brief set that suggested the members have a lot of
potential -- at their day jobs.]

1983 _Los Angeles Times_ 16 Feb. VI3/2 But when the group's set suddenly
was interrupted by the eight-piece La Quienas drum corps...even the most
jaded Hollywood scenesters managed to register some shock.

1984 _L.A. Weekly_ 13 Jan. ( And like I'm pretty sure I
mentioned before, big guys will fly into each other when they hear this
kinda music, and jaded needleheads will show off their rotting yellow
junkie teeth in smiles at this stuff, the stuff that turned a million and
two fuckinÂ’ Wally and Theodore Cleavers out there in Orangeville into
artistic, knowledgeable high-fashion music-and-environment scenesters, and
it made Ms. Cleaver pass gas at the dinner table when she saw the Beav's
new haircut because it's rock & roll time now, mom & pop, and you can lick
my vibrant youthful zealous rebellious new-world pecker if you don't give
me the care tonight to see the Circle Jerks with my girlfriend with the
green hair, brown teeth and black leather!!!!!!!!!!

--Ben Zimmer

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