head shed

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Tue Oct 4 06:30:05 UTC 2005

Not in OED

American Airmen In Great Britain

The Washington Post, Times Herald; Dec 5, 1960; pg. A14 col 6.

"The official word, "right out of the head shed in Washington," is that the Air Force will cut its 190,250 overseas dependents to about 81,600 -- a 60 per cent reduction."

"Lockheed's Chief Views Past Errors and Future Hopes" Chicago Tribune (1963-Current file); Jun 11, 1971; pg. C11

" "Of course, if I had my druthers, I'd like to keep working on problem," said the 59-year-old ex-accountant in an interview in his modest office at Lockheed's "head shed" -- aerospace slang for the front office."


"Quitting the CIA" By Henry Allen The Washington Post, Times Herald; Oct 8, 1972; pg. PO14, cite from PO 27 col 1.

"If truth were anywhere, it was in the executive suite, "the wheelhouse," they called it, or "the head shed." "


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